Pearls, Luggers and Camels

Pearls, Luggers and Camels

We had often heard about Broome from people who had travelled to Western Australia. We had sailed on our friend’s pearling lugger, Ruby Charlotte many times over the years. We were therefore keen to see the home of the pearling industry and pearling luggers

as well as Cable beach, 22kms long and famous for it’s camel rides and sunsets.

Although a tourist town the town’s development has been in keeping with the design of the first timber buildings built in the late 1800’s when the pearling industry first started and it’s still home to the major brands of the pearling industry such Paspaley Pearls. We thoroughly enjoyed the small but very informative local museum and of course made sure we watched the sunset over Cable Beach with a few hundred other people all toasting the setting of the sun with glasses of wine, beer and bubbles from the comfort of deck chairs and picnic rugs.

Although Cable Beach is the most famous, and for some reason the two times we visited we never did see the camels, we actually preferred Riddle Beach with its contrasting red sandstone backdrop, sparkling rock formations and rugged water’s edge.



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  1. Jill Blacklock September 5, 2018 at 11:41 am - Reply

    Riddle Beach does look inpressive. Thanks for sharing.

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