No Place Like Home

No Place Like Home

Having now travelled around Australia including Tasmania we can hand on heart say that for us there is definitely ‘no place like home’.

We loved seeing the whole of Australia, we saw some amazing sights, we got a real appreciation of the country we call home and loved catching up with friends and family all around the country as well as making new friends in the places we visited.

However as we got closer to the east coast we could feel the pull of the Pacific Ocean, the green of the rainforests and our beautiful island home of Magnetic Island. I won’t complain about the rain again. Unbelievably we had less than 10 days rain for the whole 9 months we travelled and could see the devastation to the landscape that a lack of rain causes.

We learnt that no matter where you live in Australia you will get extremes of weather sometime in the year. You just need to pick which is your preferred extreme. The exception being the lucky residents in the NSW border area of the Clarence River (Yamba and Maclean) which friends who live there explained was one of the major reasons they chose to live there – ‘the best weather in Australia’.

However for us we still think the jewel in the crown is a little island called Magnetic Island which we call home. If you don’t believe us take a look at this clip.

Some statistics of our trip:

On the road

We drove approximately 23,000 kms and were very fortunate that we only had one flat tyre and a broken gear box neither of which left us stranded in the middle of nowhere.

On the water

We cruised over 1,000 nautical miles on 8 rivers, 6 estuaries, 2 archipelagos, 1 reef lagoon and 1 lake around the country. For those following our travels who are thinking of following in our footsteps we would say leave the mast at home and without a doubt don’t do the trip without a braked dual axle trailer to tow your boat.

Here’s the list of the rivers, estuaries and archipelagos we cruised.

  • Noosa River and Noosa Everglades
  • Pumicestone Passage
  • Richmond River
  • Clarence River
  • Hawkesbury River (and Pittwater)
  • Murray River
  • Coffin Bay
  • Recherche Archipelago (off Esperance)
  • Shoal Bay, Frenchman Bay and Oyster Bay (Albany)
  • Mandurah Estuary (Peel Inlet and Harvey Estuary)
  • Murray River (WA)
  • Serpentine River
  • Swan River (plus out into the Indian Ocean at Freemantle)
  • Shark Bay
  • Carnarvon Fascine (plus out into the Indian Ocean)
  • Ningaloo Reef
  • Dampier Archipelago
  • Lake Argyle

Future Plans

We are heading to the Whitsundays for some cruising with the mast and sails up this time. We are also looking forward to spending time with friends there during the sailing season with perhaps some work thrown in. We then head back to Magnetic Island in November. I’m looking forward to enjoying the comforts of home like 240 electricity, hot showers whenever I want, full headroom where ever I walk and a very large bed I can sit up in without banging my head on a bulkhead!

Until next time………………

So, until next time we go ‘roving’ we are glad you have enjoyed following our travels through our Simply Roving blog. Thank you for all your lovely comments which I loved reading as I then knew someone out there was reading my ramblings and enjoying the photos I was posting.

A huge thank you to everyone who met up with us, accommodated us in their homes (a luxury that was heaven after being on the road), fed us and acted as indispensable guides. It was these occasions that were very special to us.

We also hope we have inspired some of you who own a Macgregor/Tattoo 26 boat to venture a little further.

Bye for now!

Claire & Russell


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