Lake Argyle

Lake Argyle

Near Kununurra is Lake Argyle, Australia’s second largest freshwater man-made reservoir. It was on our list of ‘must-see’ from the beginning of our trip.

Although it is huge it’s very underdeveloped and under used. There are very few boats that use the lake and it has a difficult steep access road down to a none existent boat ramp (a large patch of gravel). It is also very difficult to anchor. We tried for 30 mins to find a place to anchor in less than 15m of water that didn’t show trees still standing upright on the depth sounder.

Visiting with a large boat like ours and anchoring overnight like we did should only be done with utmost caution and confidence in your boat handing abilities as well as being prepared to take the risk of losing an anchor. We nearly lost ours as it took us over 30mins of motoring in circles this way and then the other to untwist our anchor chain from around a tree or rock outcrop under the water.

We wouldn’t, however, hesitate to recommend that anyone travelling around Australia book into the caravan park and take a sunset cruise on this special lake.

Despite the difficulties, we wouldn’t have missed the chance to see this majestic lake with the vast array of changing colours on the hills that surround the lake at sunset and sunrise.



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