Charters Towers

Charters Towers

After Lake Argyle our ‘must-see list’ was complete. We decided against trying to get into crowded camp grounds in Kakadu National Park on this trip with a 26 foot boat under tow. It was the height of the tourist season and we knew to do the Kimberley Region of WA and the National Parks of the Northern Territory that we would need to spend extended periods on dirt roads which would best be done on future trips with just the Landrover and roof top tent. We therefore started our 5 day 3,200km long drive back to the east coast of Australia with pit stops for food and fuel in Katherine and Mount Isa. These are the only 2 towns of any size before Townsville and most days were long drives between roadhouses to fuel up.

Charters Towers was therefore our last sightseeing visit.  A lovely historic gold mining town which allowed me to indulge in a last bit of walking the historic building trail. It didn’t disappoint.

Charters Towers has kept an amazing array of beautifully preserved historic buildings and better still being only 1.5hrs from Townsville I can come and visit any time.





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